Friday, December 21, 2007

It's official, I'm finished Christmas shopping! Yaayyy. At my toastmaster's group this morning, a member was saying that she hated shopping even though she enjoyed wrapping and giving presents out. I have to agree with her. Shopping isn't much fun when you're strapped for time.

So, I'm glad to be done. Now tonight I can begin wrapping.

I got a chance to read Tracy Montoya's 12 Days of Christmas Blog and loved it! I'm going to spend the weekend catching up on those I missed.

I also agreed to read a friend's partial. I don't usually do that, mostly because I just don't have time, but also because it's tough to comment on a new writer's work. But I'm actually eager to dive in and see what's he's come up with, because I know he's been working on it for a long time, and he's shared a bit of the plot with me and it sounds exciting and well thought out.

So that's the plan for the weekend: read, write, clean up and organize, and wrap presents!



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