Monday, May 19, 2008

New Blog Tour!

I'm happy to announce that in honor of May being Latino Book month, a group of fabulous Latina authors and myself are lauching a ten day blog tour! You'll be treated to wonderful stories, essays, or non-fiction articles, and wonderful prizes.

Mary Castillo will get us started today at:

The entire line up is as follows:

May 19 - Mary Castillo(
May 20 - Barb Ferrer(
May 21 – Lara Rios(
May 22 – Mayra Calvani(
May 23 – Caridad Scordato(
May 24 – Jamie Martinez Wood(
May 25 – Berta Platas(
May 26 – Tracy Montoya(
May 27 – Kathy Murillo(
May 28 – Misa Ramirez(




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