Friday, May 23, 2008

How many of you live in the LA area? Is this crazy weather we're having or what? Last weekend the temperature was in the triple digits. Yesterday we had hail falling, tornado warnings in some areas (though I suspect it couldn't be anything like the real tornados in other states), an super cold wind. Very strange.

I'm enjoying all the Women, Words, and Wisdom blogs. I hope you are. Don't forget to check out Caridad Piniero today at

I'm writing at a coffee shop today, staying out of my house. I find it increasingly difficult to concentrate these days with my family around. And since I'm forfeiting my writing day tomorrow to take my girl scout troop to the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood tomorrow to see Prince Caspian, I figured I better get double the work done today.

I've decided that I live in a very uninspiring place. I read about writers that can walk in the forest or on the beach before they begin their writing day. How wonderful that would be. Although my neighborhood is nice, I don't have ready access to nature. Coffee shops with classical music aren't quite the same thing, but they seem to work for me.

Of course, we have to find the inspiration within ourselves. This is what we've been bloging about, right?

You all have a great weekend!



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