Saturday, March 18, 2006


Yesterday was my son's adoption day. This is a day very similar to a birthday (or more appropriately an anniversary) when we celebrate the joy of adopting our child. Rather than having a party -- this is reserved for actual birthdays -- we let the children choose something fun that we can do as a family.

My son is a Lego lover. He's been building complex lego creations since he was three. So it wasn't a surprise that he chose to spend the day at Legoland. And I have to say, I love this park. Unlike Disney or Knotts or other amusement parks, it isn't overly crowded. And there are always great spots for kids to do something creative, not just jump on rides. For instance, in one area, they build race cars and race them against other kids. They get to test their skills and then alter them depending on if they made their car too heavy or too bulky or whatever. And what do parents do? They rest : ) We offer some suggestions, but mostly we kick back and watch them play. At other amusement parks we spend the entire time standing in lines to ride a 30 second ride. I enjoy those too, don't get me wrong. But Legoland is so different that I don't leave exhausted.

So if you're ever in California or if you live in California and haven't visited yet, give it a try. The only think to keep in mind is that it's targeted to younger kids. Probably 10 and under. There a few rides that are for adults or older kids.

Oh, and about the contest, Nicole pointed out that there is nothing to prevent people from copying answers, and she's right. I commented on her concern, but I'll do it again, just in case people don't read the comments. Please double check the answers. Do not just copy them. They might not be correct. (can you tell I used to be a teacher?) I will draw a winner from all correct answers at the end. Have fun and good luck!!!


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