Monday, December 29, 2008

Latina Author Blog Tour

Look for another awesome blog tour starting on January 1st!! I'll be posting under my new pseudonym, Julia Amante:

I'll have a sample of my upcoming novel: Evenings at the Argentine Club so come check it out.

Here is the line up of authors:
January 1: Misa Ramirez
January2: Jamie Martinez Wood
January 3: Julia Amante
January 4: Berta Platas
January 5: Mary Castillo
January 6: Alisa Valdes Rodriguez
January 7: Margo Candela
January 8: Caridad Ferrer
January 9: Gabriella Hewitt
January 10: Tracy Montoya



Anonymous Sandra Lopez said...

Hi, Lara

I am hosting a "Chica Lit Trivia" game for the entire month of February, and I've included your book in it.

The schedule is as follows:
Feb 1-Mary Castillo---"In Between Men"
Ends Feb 7
Feb 8-Lara Rios---"Becoming Americana"
Ends Feb 14
Feb 15-Caridad Ferrer---"Adios to my old life"
Ends Feb 21
Feb 22-Margo Candela---"Underneath it all"
Ends Feb 28

Here's how to play:
1. Go to my website at
2. Click on "Sandra's Online Book Club"
3. There, you will find a trivia question for that scheduled date based on the specified author's book. The answer will only be found in that book. Contestants will have a week to find the answer. A hint will be provided.
4. To submit an answer, simply click the link that will send you to the contest entry form. Fill it out and send it.
5. A winner will be chosen from the "correct answer" pile on each of the ending dates. The results will be announced the same day. Four winners will walk away with a $10 Borders gift card.

But wait, that's not all.....

There will also be a Grand Prize Winner announced on the very last day of February.

Grand Prize: A free autographed copy of my book, "Esperanza"

Here's how you could win the Grand Prize:
Along with each trivia question, I will post a discussion question for that same book. Participants who share their comments by posting them on my book blog will automatcially be entered for a chance to win the grand prize. By posting on all four discussion questions, your chances of winning are four times greater! Please note that you may only post once for each question. Multiple posts will not be considered.

All are welcome to play (even you)
I encourage everyone to participate in this fun game.

I would like to kindly ask you to announce my "Chica Lit Trivia" game on your website, blog, or newsletter.

I look forward to having a great game!

Thank you!
Sandra Lopez

11:13 AM  

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