Monday, March 27, 2006

Spring Break

Some schools celebrate spring break this week, some last week, some next week. Very confusing. Well, kids in this immediate area seemed to be out of school last week so I spent all week doing activities with my children and their friends. With the cub scouts we got a behind the scenes tour of a newspaper plant. That was interesting, and amazing how many departments all getting everything done on time it takes to get a newspaper out every day. I was appawled to learn that it takes 17 trees to produce ONE of their large reams of paper. Yikes. Being in the publishing business myself, I felt a little guilty. But then he added that they do use recycled paper as much as possible. Felt a little better.

Then we finally got up to the mountains to play in the snow! Yeaahhhh! We're only a 20 minute drive up, but it seems like we can't ever find the time to do it. But now we're hoping for one more storm to be able to go up once more before Summer.

On Saturday, they got to do the behind the scene thing again at a bowling alley. This time dad took them because I had a great book signing event with five other talented authors. Fiction, non-fiction, children's books -- lots to choose from for readers. Thanks to all who made it to the signing. I enjoyed meeting you, and listening to your stories.

Hopefully, this will be more of a regular week, and I'll be able to get here more often. I AM going to the Celebrate Romance conference in Long Beach on Friday, though. Will I see any of you there???



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