Sunday, April 02, 2006


Had a great time at the Celebrate Romance convention this past weekend. I got a chance to chat with both readers and writers that I normally wouldn't have had the opportunity to spend so much time with. And we ate constantly! Doesn't get any better than that.

I've got to get better at taking pictures. Sylvia Day might have some so check out her blog.

I always enjoy getting away for a few days and reconnecting with the industry in some way. When you spend so much time behind your own computer focusing on your own stories, you start to lose touch with what others are doing. Conferences and conventions remind you who you're writing for and let you share your experiences with other writers. All that is good for the writer's soul.

This one was particularly nice because it was in Long Beach. I feel like my entire adult life got its start in Long Beach. This is where I moved when I got out of high school. I got my first jobs in Long Beach. They weren't big jobs. One of them was at McDonalds even, but they were jobs I got on my own (and some of the ones after McDonalds were actually nice jobs). Prior to this I always worked for my father or baby sat. I started college in Long Beach and was told by a counselor not to become a writer because I'd never make it, and even if I did I'd be poor all my life. LOL, well she was partially right. I had my first love affair in Long Beach and got my heart broken for the first time here. I met friends that I cherish to this day, and one who is partially responsible for my decision to adopt my children. And met my husband.

So, I spent some time away from the convention, driving around, and checking out old places where so much happened in my life. It was nice to be back.

My next conference will most likely be RWA in Atlanta. I'm looking forward to it already!



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