Thursday, April 20, 2006

Library Author Events

Hi everyone,

Hope all is cool with you all. I'm finally getting settled into my new mommy-hood with the puppies. They are actually excellent dogs. I'm sooooo happy I got two. They totally entertain each other, and do great when left alone.

Tonight I'm very excited because I'm going to attend a booksigning and talk with Victor Villasenor who is a legend in my book. I'm going to be in the audience for a change so I can sit back and listen and enjoy his talk. Our local library is hosting this event. I love this librarian. She's fairly new, but she's done so much to bring authors from all walks of life to our library. Something that was badly needed in our community where there seems to be a definite lack of stimulating activities and events. Sure we get fairs and NASCAR is really big and we have a AAA ball club, and of course concerts. But the arts seem to be lacking. I remember buying season tickest at our playhouse, and they ended up having to refund my money because of the lack of attendance.

I'm happy to say that the author events seem to be doing pretty well. Let's see how tonight goes. I'll let you know. Now, I'm out the door!




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