Friday, April 14, 2006

New Contest Winner & Newspaper Interview

I'm a lousy blogger guys. I get swamped with work and just never get over here. But I've had a couple of great interviews to tell you about. The first was with Hispanic Lifestyle. This is a program that features Latinos in our community. Sometimes you learn about great Mexican restaurants to visit. Other times, fun conferences or musical events. This time the audience was treated to a sneak peek at BECOMING LATINA! My kids got a kick out of seeing me on TV, and I had a great time doing the show. Then today The Sun newspaper had an great article. I've attached the link so you can read it (you have to click on the title of this blog). So lots of media exposure in the last couple of weeks!

That's the news on the book front. At home, my two puppies are doing their best to destroy my carpet. Not that I mind too much. I need to replace the carpet anyway. I'd forgotten how adorable puppies can be, and how much work!

Now for The Virtual Bookbag contest. I never did hear from Rhonda so I'm sorry, but I had to choose a new winner. Shawn was my runner up and will receive Janice Lynn's great JANE MILLIONAIRE! Congratulation Shawn!

Until next time!




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